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BYOBag and Save!
We are happy to announce a new way for you to save money and for all of us to help the environment! Beginning in January 2015, purchase a Paw Lickin’ Good Bag for $4.00 and receive $1.00 off the total amount for the purchases that fit in the bag. Our bags are sturdy and roomy enough to hold a lot of items. Don’t want to purchase a PLG bag? Just bring in a reusable (not plastic) bag and receive $.50 off the total amount  for the purchases that fit in the bag. Yep! This goes for every time you visit the store!
Brunch with Bowser is from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.on the third Sunday of the month. Bring in your four-legged coupon and receive 10% off your entire purchase! While shopping you and your coupon can enjoy homemade treats.   Emma the Golden at Brunch With Bowser 3/26/12
What your pet eats is essential to its health, longevity, state of the immune system, appearance, energy, and behavior. Truly, your pet’s well-being works from the inside out. The tragic pet food recall fiasco of 2007 was a wake-up call to just how important nutrition is for the quality of our pets’ lives. At PLG we are dedicated to carrying a wide variety of only top quality food and treats for dogs and cats.  None of our foods contain wheat, corn, soy or glutens, often the culprits associated with allergies and in some cases, illness. Sometimes a dog or cat will develop an allergy to a protein source (such as chicken) that they have eaten for years. Because of this, we carry foods that offer a large variety of novel protein sources such as quail, pheasant, venison, herring and bison. If your dog or cat has special dietary needs, we are confident that together in consultation with your vet we can find a food to meet those needs. If there is a flavor, size, or...

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Our On-Site Bakery
Having take-out for dinner? Stop by and pick up some turkey lasagna for the dog! Our two bakery cases are filled with a variety of delicious treats for your dogs. We make these tasty treats ourselves in our on-site bakery using only human-grade ingredients. Select from several items such as peanut butter bones, chunky monkeys, doggie daises, cheesy chicken scones, bowser brownies, muttreos, puppy pretzels, cheesy bones, apple crisps, turkey squirrels, and much more And of course, we always have special frosted cookies for all the big holidays. Have a special birthday or event coming up? Order a Celebration Cake personalized just for your dog. Cakes come in five delicious flavors: applesauce spice, sour cream banana, peanut butter banana, banana carob, blueberry banana, and pumpkin spice. We can even decorate it to express whatever you like… Happy Birthday, Graduation from Obedience school, Happy Adoption… imagine the possibilities! The cakes come in 2 bone-shaped...

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