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Holistic Pet Food Center

What your pet eats is essential to its health, longevity, state of the immune system, appearance, energy, and behavior. Truly, your pet’s well-being works from the inside out. The tragic pet food recall fiasco of 2007 was a wake-up call to just how important nutrition is for the quality of our pets’ lives.

At PLG we are dedicated to carrying a wide variety of only top quality food and treats for dogs and cats.  None of our foods contain wheat, corn, soy or glutens, often the culprits associated with allergies and in some cases, illness. Sometimes a dog or cat will develop an allergy to a protein source (such as chicken) that they have eaten for years. Because of this, we carry foods that offer a large variety of novel protein sources such as quail, pheasant, venison, herring and bison. If your dog or cat has special dietary needs, we are confident that together in consultation with your vet we can find a food to meet those needs.

If there is a flavor, size, or form (kibble, canned, etc) that we do not keep in stock, we are always happy to special order if at all possible. In some cases, we can special order brands that we do not stock but that are available through our distributors. Examples include: BARF, Primal, Karma, HealthWise, Mother Nature and Artemis.

We also are proud to carry many treats that are healthy and allergy friendly. Every pet deserves a treat now and then and we have worked very hard to stock treats that meet lots of special needs. Many customers come in with a list of food “yeas and nays” from their vet and we usually can find something that meets those recommendations.

If you are interested in reading reviews and analyses of any dog food, an excellent source is: www.dogfoodanalysis.com. Another good place to start is often the website of the specific brand of food. Don’t be afraid to ask them the tough questions. After all, your pet’s health and well-being are at stake. Knowledge is power.

If you want a food that we do not carry in the store, please ask and we will do our best to order it for you!

Please call 815-758-8300 or email us if you have suggestions or questions.